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An indoor climate more than 99.9 percent free of pollen, fine dust, bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, unpleasant odors, ...

With the increased attention to pollen allergy, the harmful effects of particulate matter and the spread of germs such as the coronavirus via aerosols, there is a lot of interest in air cleaning in commercial buildings, offices, catering establishments, treatment centers and in schools. People often dread the high costs of a central air treatment system. However, there is a much simpler, cheaper and more effective solution in the form of mobile air purifiers.    READ MORE

Detect employees and guests with fever before they infect others

Scanning the body temperature of visitors and staff entering your venue is a practical solution to prevent people with a fever from mingling - often unintentionally and unintentionally - with the other attendees. Our fever detection systems can be widely used to scan people's body temperature quickly and accurately.     READ MORE

Temperatuurmeten met Portaal Check mini-scanner
Beslagen raam met vingertekening ten teken van onvoldoende ventilatie

Good ventilation is an important measure against the spread of the corona virus and various other germs

The CO2 level in the air is a good indicator of air quality. Too high a CO2 content in a room means that you have to use outside air to ventilate more for a healthy living environment. Our CO2 monitors not only indicate the value, but also show via a three-color indicator whether the air quality is good, reasonable or bad.  READ MORE

If you want to prevent your employees from infecting each other, it is necessary to take measures for good hand hygiene

Providing sufficient and practically applicable tools to thoroughly clean your hands is part of being a good employer. It prevents people in the workplace from infecting each other. Easy-to-move displays and columns with non-contact liquid dispensers offer a user-friendly solution with extra communication power.     READ MORE

Handen reinigen
Mondkapjeshouder RVS

Offer your visitors or employees a mouth mask or mouth mask in a hygienic and stylish way

No loose stacks of masks on the counter or in a crumpled box. With our stainless steel mouth mask dispenser you can offer your visitors or employees a mouth mask or mouth mask in a stylish way.The holder can also be hung on the wall or combined with our display with fever scanner and soap dispenser.    READ MORE

Your supplier of a responsible environment

Portaal Check provides plug & play systems that help maintain a healthy climate within your company or organization. Whether it concerns particulate matter or viruses. Nowadays there are professional tools available that help to keep out or eliminate harmful substances, that can be used immediately and for a limited investment.

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