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The corona pandemic has shut down much of public life with major economic consequences. For the transition phase to the new normal, the social distance economy is discussed. This may be an option in the short term, but economically and socially many of these measures will not last long.

Scanning the body temperature of visitors entering your location is a practical solution to prevent people with a fever - often unintentionally and unintentionally - from mixing with other guests. Our scan portals can be widely used to scan people's body temperature quickly and accurately.

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Portaal Check is one of the distributors of Infiray for Europe. Infiray has been a leading supplier of infrared heat scanners for over 10 years. Body temperature scanning boomed in Asia following the SARS epidemic that ravaged China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in particular between 2002 and 2004. In those countries, Infiray systems are already widely used at event locations and sports stadiums. 

Portaal Check focuses on health measures for venues, with besides infrared body temperature scan portals and handheld temperature scanners also hygiene and protective equipment such as mouth masks.

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