Aerosols as dispersers of covid-19

Scientists warn of aerosol corona contamination

More attention must be paid to good ventilation, according to 39 scientists in the scientific journal Science of 13 May. The World Health Organisation (WHO) now states that very small droplets, called aerosols, play a significant role in the transmission of a coronal infection. Ventilation therefore reduces the burden of disease, the scientists say.

The same scientists sent an open letter to the WHO in July 2020 to reinforce their position, so says Trouw. At that time, the importance of aerosols in corona contamination was still a controversial topic. Now, more and more authorities are supporting this view.

Prominent role

Besides the WHO, Trouw also mentions the US CDC and the Belgian RIVM, Sciensano as relevant bodies pointing out the prominent role of aerosols.

In April, the Task Force on Ventilation set up by the Belgian government recommended that every room where people stay should be ventilated. a CO2 meter to hang. It gives an indication of whether a room is sufficiently ventilated.

Fourth basic rule

And in the UK, proper ventilation is one of the four basic requirements, along with keeping your distance, wearing a face mask and washing your hands.

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