Martin Kersbergen of De Stoomhal in Wormer at the AIR8 1200i PRO

Operator De Stoomhal swears by clean air

Martin Kersbergen, manager of De Stoomhal in Wormer, cannot wait for his events location to get back on its feet. For the time being, he has to make do with business groups of up to thirty people, whom he fortunately still receives on an almost daily basis.

Congress magazine

In the conference journal Conference Matters, he talks about the AIR8 1200i mobile air purifier which he has recently acquired. "My guests must not lack anything," explains the host. "Not even clean air."

The Steam Hall has a perfectly functioning central ventilation and extraction system, says Kersbergen. But he also chose an AIR8 air cleaner.

Air scrubber'

"The reason I bought that 'air washer', as I call it, is that I want the best for my guests. I want them to feel good here, to be able to go about their business without having to worry about things like air quality. The ventilation was already well organised, but now it's even better."

CO2 meter

He is very satisfied with the way it works: "It's special; I also bought a CO2 meter and as soon as I switch on the AIR8, I literally see the CO2 level drop. For me this is proof that it works.

You can read the whole article on the Conference Matters website.

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