AIR8 air cleaners

AIR8 air cleaners

AIR8 is a German/Dutch brand of air cleaners. The founders have set themselves the goal of combining the most modern air filtering and air disinfection technologies in plug & play devices that require low investment and minimum maintenance.

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Welke bedrijven passen AIR8 luchtreinigers toe?

Het antwoord op de meest gestelde vragen vind je hier:

Safe indoor air with medical technology

As a direct response to the urgent need for safe air, AIR8 offers total solutions by integrating medical technology in user-friendly systems that require no installation and are easy to maintain.

The company created the Safe Air Space programme to offer solutions for efficient air treatment to companies and institutions. Based on knowledge and know-how, AIR8 implements solutions that make a difference.

AIR8 air cleaners work with multi-stage filtration based on Hepa filtration, carbon filtration, UV disinfection, cold catalysis or photo-catalysis and ionisation. This provides optimal and reliable air purification.

Portal Check

As an AIR8 representative in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, Portaal Check offers advice on the choice and application of the various air cleaning appliances.

We can also take an air quality measurement at your location in advance. In doing so, we determine the level of fine dust and toxic gases. If you wish, we can also check the equipment annually and replace the filters.

Would you like to have more information about this? please contact our advisors.

AIR8 air purifier 1200i PRO at dentist
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Would you like to have all information on mobile air cleaners and the product data of the various AIR8 models at your disposal, with the possibility to send it to colleagues or print it out? This is possible with our digital brochure in PDF form.

You can download the AIR8 brochure as a PDF here

Is an air cleaner necessary?

Ensuring clean and safe air in your working environment is easier than you think. It is important to understand which measures you already implement at your location and what can be an obstacle to reach your goal. AIR8 has developed the decision model below for this purpose.

AIR8 air cleaning decision model

AIR8 is active in many sectors

AIR8 focuses specifically on the business market. Sectors that make a lot of use of the air cleaners are Care & Welfare, Services & Finances, Production Companies, Retail Trade and Education & Culture. After the lockdown, Horeca&Event locations will undoubtedly follow.

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More information on the Safe Air Space Programme You will find these on the AIR8 international website. There you will also find examples of companies that use the air cleaners, including information about the number of rooms and selected air cleaning capacity.

These companies are working towards a healthy working environment

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