AIR8 manual

AIR8 mobile air purifiers are plug & play devices that require a low investment and a minimum of maintenance. On this page you will find the instruction videos and manuals.

Instruction videos AIR8 260i, 280 en 1200i

Installing an AIR8 mobile air purifier is a piece of cake. The videos below of our best-selling models show why we can rightly speak of plug & play devices.

AIR8 260i NANO
AIR8 1200i PRO

Portaal Check

As an AIR8 representative in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, Portaal Check offers advice on the choice and application of the various air cleaning devices. We can also perform an air quality measurement at your location in advance, in which we determine the content of particulate matter and toxic gases. If you wish, we can also check the equipment annually and replace the filters. If you would like more information about this, please contact our advisors.

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