Safe return to office

Has something changed in your office?

After the corona pandemic, can it be that everything in your office is still the same? The virus has taught us an interesting lesson that you can now put into practice.

Covid-19 has underlined the importance of hygiene in the workplace. Not only to prevent the next pandemic.

Hygiene measures also prevent the spread of 'normal' flu. This means fewer sick days - and therefore costs - and preventing understaffing during a flu wave.

The measures to be taken are simple. So show your staff that you take their health seriously.

Mobile air cleaners are most effective

Mobile air cleaners are the most effective method of rendering air-borne germs harmless. An additional advantage is that these devices also neutralise 99.97% of fine dust, pollen and harmful gases.

Regularly opening the windows is certainly advisable, but not always possible or desirable. In addition, the entire room will rarely be properly ventilated.

Filtering and disinfecting the air with a central air treatment system is expensive, consumes a lot of energy and requires regular maintenance.

Mobile air cleaners circulate and clean the air where it is needed, and with average use only the filter package needs to be replaced annually. Advantage of AIR8 air cleaners is that the additional disinfection methods ensure that there are no live pathogens in the filter pack.

Workplace hygiene saves money

Workplace hygiene remains important. Not only to prevent the next pandemic. Hygiene measures can also prevent the spread of 'normal' flu, as was demonstrated last winter. That means fewer sick days among employees and understaffing during peak periods in the flu wave.

A hygiene station at the entrance gives employees the opportunity to clean their hands. In addition, a fever meter can help to make flu-prone employees aware of their responsibilities.

Necessary for the road

Your ambulatory staff will also benefit from hygiene products. Especially cleaning and disinfection wipes, but also mouth masks and disposable gloves. And preferably in practical and hygienic packaging.

Our Safe Travel Kits are easy to store in the glove compartment or one of the other storage compartments in a car. You can choose between a flexible pouch and a flat, compact box. The latter is also available in an anti-bacterial version.

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