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Ventilatie in de klas

‘Weinig opgeschoten met ventilatie in de klas’

Op het gebied van ventilatie in de klas is het afgelopen jaar eigenlijk nog weinig veranderd, klagen experts. Hoogleraar Buiding Services Innovation Atze Boerstra van de TU Delft: “Het ministerie van VWS komt nu met een handreiking over ventilatie. Die had ik vorig jaar ook al kunnen maken. We verliezen echt tijd.”

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Smart air quality meter with app and mobile air purifier

Measuring is solving

The ultimate combination: a smart air quality meter that controls a mobile air purifier. With the introduction of the AIR8 Guard Edge this is possible.

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Corona quick test

German employers obliged to offer coronatesto workers

Employers in Germany will be obliged, as of 19 April, to offer their employees who do not work from home a coronation test. Two-thirds of companies in Germany already offer their employees a free coronate test, and 69 percent of companies are now or will soon be offering regular testing.

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Hair designer Ayt Celik at the AIR8 air cleaner

Clean air gives a nice vibe to the business'.

The AIR8 air purifier in his barbershop really works, says hair designer Ayt Celik: 'I suffer from hay fever and I'm always full. But now I don't have any more. Unbelievable! We now have an air purifier in our bedroom and I sleep through the night.

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Roll over or spit up? Two friendly corona self-tests

Roll over or spit up?

The era of the long cotton swab that has to be inserted deep into the nose is over. The new, reliable corona self-tests do not have this problem.

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