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CO2 meters reimbursed in schools

Schools get reimbursed for CO2 meters

Schools will be compensated for the purchase of CO2 meters. This was announced by Minister Dennis Wiersma (Education), the PO-Raad and VO-raad (representatives of primary and secondary education) and the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG) in a joint statement on Thursday 3 February.

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SUViS subsidy for ventilation of schools

Closing date SUViS extended to 30 April 2022

The closing date of the current application round for the Specific Payment Scheme for Ventilation in Schools (SUViS) has been extended from 31 January 2022 to 30 April 2022. The reason for this change is that the payment ceiling has not yet been reached on 31 January.

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Coloured mouth mask protection class FFP2

Coloured mouthguards of FFP2 quality

Coloured mouth masks are the most recent addition to our range. We supply these FFP2 mouth masks in eight different colours. The result: extra safe mouth masks in a colour that matches your company or clothing.

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Cotton buds

New: the 4-in-1 corona self-test

The 4-in-1 corona self-test is the most universal rapid test on the market. This self-test can be used as a lollipop test, shallow nose test, nasal mucus test and throat mucus test. This new antigen rapid test also obtained high sensitivity scores in a test by the Paul Erlich Institut.

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Martijn Bos

I noticed the difference immediately, no more smells of sweat!

“Iedereen weet natuurlijk dat een schone en frisse omgeving heel belangrijk is bij het sporten”, vertelt Martijn Bos, eigenaar van de Trojan Power Academy in Haarlem. “Daarom is ons centrum uitgerust met een luchtreinigingsysteem waar je U tegen zegt. Desondanks hingen elke ochtend de gebruikelijke sportluchtjes in de dojo. Dat hoort nou eenmaal bij een sportruimte dacht ik altijd. Nu weet ik beter.”

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Trusted air cleaners

AIR8 on the list of trusted air cleaners

AIR8 air cleaners have been included in the list of trusted air cleaners by Horeca Vlaanderen. The interest group for Flemish hotel and catering entrepreneurs submitted frequently asked questions about air treatment systems to the government.

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Ventilation in the classroom

Little progress with ventilation in the classroom'.

In the area of ventilation in the classroom, little has actually changed in the past year, experts complain. Professor of Building Services Innovation Atze Boerstra of Delft University of Technology: "The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has now issued a guideline on ventilation. I could have done that last year. We are really losing time.

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Smart air quality meter with app and mobile air purifier

Measuring is solving

The ultimate combination: a smart air quality meter that controls a mobile air cleaner. With the introduction of the AIR8 Guard Edge, this is possible.

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