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14 May 2021
Photocatalysis makes AIR8's 720i Edge air purifier extra interesting

With photocatalysis as an added technology, the AIR8 720i Edge is extra interesting for companies in the automotive and fashion sector, the chemical industry and hardware stores, hairdressing and beauty salons, pharmacies, furniture stores, carpet shops, et cetera.

13 April 2021
German employers are obliged to offer employees a corona test

As of April 19, employers in Germany are obliged to offer their employees who do not work from home a corona test. Two-thirds of companies in Germany are already offering their employees a free corona test and 69 percent of companies are now or will soon be offering regular testing.

7 April 2021
'You build in an extra bit of safety with this'

"The more that is tested - also with self-tests - the more infected people we will detect. Every infection we find is a step forward," says professor of microbiology Herman Goossens (University of Antwerp) to VRT NWS.

6 April 2021
‘Clean air gives the salon a great vibe’

The AIR8 air purifier in his hair salon really works, says hair designer Ayt Celik: "I suffer from hay fever and always have blocked sinuses. But now, all my symptoms are gone. Unbelievable! We now also have an air purifier in our bedroom, and I sleep through every single night!"

31 March 2021
Roll or spit?

The era of the long cotton swab that has to be inserted deep into the nose is over. The new, reliable corona self-tests do not have this problem.

10 March 2021
What is the importance of TVOC measurements?

A TVOC measurement determines the content of volatile organic compounds in the air. These gases and vapors are toxic above a certain value. With prolonged exposure, they can cause serious damage to health.

26 February 2021
Venue operator swears by air purifier

Martin Kersbergen, venue operator at De Stoomhal (The Steam Hall) in Wormer, The Netherlands cannot wait until his event venue is up and running again. But for now he will have to make do with business groups of up to thirty people which he can, luckily, still receive on a daily basis Conference magazine In […]

5 February 2021

AIR8 mobile air purifiers are a feast for the eyes. We already knew that. But if a brand like Porsche thinks that AIR8 should purify the air in its showrooms, then that is an extra recognition.

2 December 2020
Portaal Check obtains dealership for AIR8 air purifiers

AIR8 has selected Portaal Check as distributor in the Benelux for its new line of air purifiers. AIR8 air purifiers are known for an excellent price / quality ratio.


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