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Adequate ventilation is a very effective method of preventing the spread of disease, increasing labour productivity and preventing the accumulation of harmful particles. By continuously measuring the CO2 content in the air, you will know when it is time to bring in more outside air.

How a CO2 meter works

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A CO2 meter has become a common name for a variety of air quality meters. If you want to buy a CO2 meter, it is therefore important to determine whether you also want to measure the content of other gases and substances.

Basic model

If you only want to know whether you have sufficient ventilation, a basic model CO2 meter is sufficient. In addition to CO2 content, it also measures temperature and humidity.

Fine dust

However, it can also be interesting to measure the level of particulate matter in the air. Due to increasing air pollution, the amount of particulate matter in the air is increasing. Some people are particularly sensitive to this and therefore develop respiratory problems.
You can also produce fine dust in your own home, for example with an open fire, candles or a hot pan.
To buy a CO2 meter with fine particle measurement there are several options.


Then there are TVOCs, or volatile organic compoundswhich can be harmful if exposed over the long term. These gaseous elements are found, for example, in detergents, adhesives, paints, coatings, textiles, pesticides and building materials.
In this case, too, an air quality meter is the preferred option.

CO2 meters reimbursed in schools

Schools get reimbursed for CO2 meters

Schools will be compensated for the purchase of CO2 meters. This was announced by Minister Dennis Wiersma (Education), the PO-Raad and VO-raad (representatives of primary and secondary education) and the Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG) in a joint statement on Thursday 3 February.

Smart air quality meter with app and mobile air purifier

Measuring is solving

The ultimate combination: a smart air quality meter that controls a mobile air cleaner. With the introduction of the AIR8 Guard Edge, this is possible.

CO2 meter corona

Good ventilation is an important measure against the spread of the coronavirus and various other germs. In any case, it is important to allow sufficient fresh air into rooms where many people come together. Among other things, it promotes the ability to concentrate.

Simple way

A CO2 meter is a simple way to determine whether you ventilate sufficiently. Especially in the cold months, a CO2 meter proves its worth. The windows are no longer left ajar and everyone will be tempted to keep the cold air out as much as possible.

Warning system

Studies on the spread of corona show that ventilation helps prevent the transmission of the virus. Therefore, it is necessary to have a warning system that indicates whether extra ventilation is necessary.

Flu wave

Like corona, the flu virus spreads mainly through the air. So even during a flu wave, a CO2 meter proves its worth.

CO2 meter for the home

Although we specialise in preventing the spread of disease within companies and organisations, you can via our webshop You can also buy a CO2 meter for your home. As a private individual, you can also contact us for service and advice.

Potentially closed

Over the past decade, many houses have been made as airtight as possible in order to save energy. This does, however, require extra attention to ventilation. A house no longer ventilates itself as it once did through the existing cracks.

Low oxygen content

Especially within a family, this increases the chance of infecting each other with corona or flu. Too low an oxygen content (as opposed to a high CO2 content) can also cause lethargy and loss of concentration.

A CO2 meter installed at a central point in the living room will then give a simple indication that the windows need to be opened again.

CO2 content and air quality

Whether a space is sufficiently ventilated is easy to determine by measuring the CO2 content of the air. People breathe out CO2 and if there is insufficient air exchange in the room, the CO2 value increases. Combustion processes also release CO2.

The CO2 content in the air is a good indicator of air quality. Too high a CO2 value in a room means that you need to ventilate more with outside air for a healthy living environment.

CO2 meter app

The AIR8 Guard Edge is a CO2 meter that allows you to read the measured values via an app on your smartphone. This way, you can also see from a distance whether the air quality is in order.

Air quality

In addition to CO2, this model also measures particulate matter, TVOC and HCOH, temperature and humidity. All these values can be read in the app.

Air cleaner

You can also improve air quality from a distance with a mobile air purifier. The Guard Edge air quality meter can also be linked to the i-models air cleaners from AIR8.

Via the app, you can both operate the air purifier remotely and set the measured values at which the air purifier should start or move to a higher setting.

Combination discount

Anyone who chooses the AIR8 Guard Edge air quality meter in combination with the AIR8 260i NANO mobile air purifier benefits from of our combination discount.

CO2 meter test

The big CO2 meter test will never come. There are too many different types and brands on the market.

We rely on the proven quality of the German/Dutch brand AIR8, known for its state-of-the-art mobile air cleaners.


In addition, we also test the CO2 meters before dispatching them, calibrate them and set the date and time correctly.

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