Corona rapid test as a self-test

What to do with a staff member who has a cold in front of you? Mandatory to a testing site and quarantined for a few days? Or have a self-test done right away, with an answer within 15 minutes whether an extensive test is necessary? A corona rapid test prevents you from unnecessarily losing your staff for a few days.

Types of Covid-19 rapid tests

Saliva test. No cotton swab needed. Easy to do by yourself.
Shallow nose test. Roll cotton swab through both nostrils. Easy to do by yourself.
Traditional Covid-19 rapid test. Insert the cotton swab deep into the nose or throat.

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New generation of rapid tests

The era of the long cotton swab that has to be inserted deep into the nose is over. The new, reliable corona rapid tests do not have this problem. That makes it very suitable as a Covid-19 self-test. There are two options: the shallow nose test and the saliva test.


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Infections can be detected more quickly if people start testing themselves

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