Fever detection

By scanning everyone for temperature elevation upon entry without delay or discomfort, you can detect people with fever. Fever is the first and most common symptom in corona patients. More so than with the regular flu.

That's why you check the temperature of your guests and employees

Which companies apply fever detection?

That's why you check the temperature of your guests and employees

It is recommended that the following be observed when applying fever detection, subject to any changes or introduction of new legislation:

Working with a group scanner with thermal imaging camera

This step-by-step plan allows you to measure the body temperature of passers-by contactlessly and without delay and, in the event of fever being detected, to send them home with peace of mind.

It's that simple

Measure temperature

By measuring the body temperature of everyone who enters your premises, it is possible to identify people with a fever early on. People with a fever do not belong on the work floor, regardless of the germs they are carrying. This prevents other people from being infected. Especially in the current Covid-19 era this is of great importance.

Various solutions are available from individual measurement with an infrared scan gun to group measurement with a thermal imaging camera up to 4,000 people per hour.

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