Fever detection

By scanning everyone on arrival without delay or inconvenience for an increase in temperature, you can detect people with a fever. Fever is the first and most common occurrence in corona patients. More than with the regular flu.

That is why you check the temperature of your guests and employees

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff
To avoid stricter measures or a lockdown
Om een bijdrage te leveren aan het terugdringen van Covid-19

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Welke bedrijven passen koortsdetectie toe?

Manufacturing companies
Food industry
Healthcare institutions
Medical specialists
Event venues
Logistics centers
Catering industry

Fever detection and GDPR

It is recommended to observe the following when using the scan portal (subject to any changes or the introduction of new legislation):

Inform visitors explicitly about the use and purpose of the scan portal as part of the access control. This could include, for example, a clear information board at the entrance to your grounds and buildings, mention in your general visitor conditions, mention on the website of your organization and mention in any mail traffic with visitors / customers.
Use of the scan portals must be careful and proportional. The infrared body temperature scans may only be used for the indicated purpose: be clear, transparent and consistent in this.
Measurements must be made anonymously and data may not be processed. Use of the fever detection systems must not lead to unequal treatment or discrimination.
For additional information about privacy legislation, please visit the EU website on Data Protection and up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines from the relevant authorities in your country or region.

Working with a group scanner with thermal imaging camera

This step-by-step plan allows you to measure the body temperature of passers-by without contact and without delay and, in case of fever detection, send the person concerned home with confidence.

As simple as that

Our easy to install and portable scan stations determine the temperature of each visitor based on an infrared body scan.
The measured temperatures are visible on the thermal image of the people passing by and the highest temperature is also displayed as a number. If the temperature is too high, the person in question is visually highlighted.
If the body temperature is too high, you can invite the visitor in question for an extra accurate scan with a handheld scan gun.
If the hand scanner also measures a temperature that is too high, kindly ask the employee or visitor to return home to get better.

Measuring the body temperature

By measuring the body temperature of everyone who enters your building, it is possible to identify people with a fever at an early stage. People with a fever don't belong in the workplace, regardless of the germs they have among them. This prevents other people from becoming infected. Especially in the current Covid-19 era, this is of great importance.

Various solutions are available, from individual measurement with an infrared scan gun to group measurement with a thermal imaging camera for up to 4,000 people per hour.

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Watch over the health of your employees and guests

Order body temperature scan portals and infrared hand scanners now.
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