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Hands are an important spreader of germs, because you are constantly grasping things, shaking hands with others and because you touch your face more than you think. If you want to prevent your employees from infecting each other, it is important to take measures for good hand hygiene.

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How to disinfect your hands

Instruction hand disinfection RIVM

1. Apply hand alcohol from the dispenser to your dry hands, without touching the dispenser nozzle. Take enough hand alcohol to fill the hole of one hand with hand alcohol. This quantity is required in order to keep the hands wet for the entire duration of the hand alcohol (approx. 30 seconds).

2. to 7. Now carefully rub your hands together for about 30 seconds, until they are dry. The fingertips, thumbs, areas between the fingers and the wrists should also be thoroughly rubbed with hand alcohol.

8. Allow the hands to dry in the air. If the alcohol does not dry or dries insufficiently, the effect is less.

Use of a disperser with elbow operation or automatic (sensor) operation is preferred (not shown).

Source: RIVM


Prime Minister Rutte exaggerated with his statement that everyone must wash their hands. But it was the underlying thought that mattered. Almost everyone had already forgotten the hand hygiene tips at the time of the swine flu, and now Covid-19 makes disinfecting the hands the most important line of defence, besides keeping a distance, to minimise the spread of the virus.

Providing sufficient and practical hand-washing equipment is part of being a good employer. It prevents people in the workplace from infecting each other.

These companies are working towards a healthy working environment

Non-contact hand disinfection is a simple and important weapon against viruses and bacteria

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