Research report healthy air quality and Covid-19 in offices

The hard learning curve of COVID-19

If you look at the total mortality in the past three years, it is striking first of all how severe COVID-19 was, but also that people die and become ill from the flu every year. In addition, 12,000 people a year die prematurely from the effects of poor outdoor air quality. '

Says Bram van der Smagt in 'Working healthier through air quality, COVID-19's hard-hitting school of thoughtthat he put together for Kernwaarde Groen. The corona pandemic may have brought the importance of good air quality back to the fore, but it was/is an important factor for good health in the past and in the future as well.

Central air-conditioning systems

In our efforts to save energy, our homes and offices have become virtually airtight, allowing air to circulate and increasing the content of germs and small particles. The result: an increased risk of illness or an allergic reaction.

Central air treatment systems are supposed to provide relief, but polluted filters and the spreading of indoor air through all rooms can actually increase the problems, says Van der Smagt.

Mobile air cleaning systems are a better solution then, because:

  • better visibility of filter contamination (through the dashboard)
  • systems with uv filtration and ionisation also ensure the inactivation of germs and particles
  • the air is filtered decentrally and is therefore not distributed between rooms

It is also true that:

  • they require a much lower investment
  • installation is not necessary and that they can be used immediately

Want to know more about mobile air purification? Read more about the operating principle of mobile air cleaners with six-stage filtration at

Another tip from Bram van der Smagt

For the users, it is important that the data becomes visible and tangible. A warning of unhealthy air can help with this. In this way, as a user, you know whether you are working in a healthy environment.

Example of a warning system based on the data and preset setpoints.

Example of a warning system based on the data and preset setpoints.

The CO2 meters from Portal Check work with a colour-coded warning system.

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