The AIR8 720i Edge air cleaner with photocatalysis

Photocatalysis makes the AIR8 720i Edge air purifier extra interesting

Now available! The latest addition to the AIR8 family of mobile air cleaners: the AIR8 720i Edge.

With photocatalysis as an added technology, this air cleaner model is especially interesting for companies in the automotive and fashion sector, the chemical industry and DIY stores, hairdressing and beauty salons, pharmacies, furniture shops, carpet shops, etc.


In the sectors and companies mentioned, harmful gases occur above average. Think of volatile organic compounds, chemical fumes and exhaust fumes.

Photocatalysis is an extremely effective method of rendering such gases harmless. Think of a catalytic converter in the exhaust of a car. Just like a car catalytic converter, a precious metal coating triggers a chemical bond that converts particles into harmless gases.

TVOC indicator

The AIR8 720i Edge also has a clearly visible and stylish indicator for the TVOC value. If the colour is blue, everything is in order. If the value is too high, it turns red, which in manual mode is a signal to turn up the fan. In automatic mode, the mobile air purifier will step up a gear on its own.

Pre-filtration, HEPA NANO filtration, carbon filtration and UVGI light ensure that the 720i Edge also achieves an effectiveness of 99.97 percent against germs, fine dust, pollen and toxic gases.

Nice addition

In terms of capacity, too, this model is a nice addition to the portfolio. The air cleaning capacity of 720 m3 per hour falls nicely between that of the AIR8 280 Nano (280 m3/hour) and the AIR8 1200i PRO (1200 m3/hour). This makes this air cleaner model suitable for an area of up to 72 m2 under average conditions.

Stylish design

The 'i' in the name says it all: this model can also be operated via an app. And the 720i Edge of course has the distinctive stylish design of an AIR8 mobile air purifier.

The usual certification marks are also there. The AIR8 720i Edge features TÜV-certified HEPA NANO, consists of EC-certified technology and is an EN 1822 standardised system. On the product page you will find all the specifications.

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