Pleasant working environment

The indoor climate, good basic hygiene and safe working conditions are important pillars in creating a pleasant working environment. Various simple and low-maintenance aids are available here. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities.

Check for adequate ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a very effective method of preventing the spread of disease, increasing labour productivity and preventing the accumulation of harmful particles. By continuously measuring the CO2 content in the air, you will know when it is time to bring in more outside air.

Provide clean air

The modern mobile air purifiers remove 99.97 percent of pollen, fine dust, bacteria, viruses, toxic substances and unpleasant odours from the air. AIR8 is number one in the business market with high-quality plug&play devices.

Have your hands washed regularly

Hands are an important spreader of germs, because you are constantly grasping things, shaking hands with others and because you touch your face more than you think. If you want to prevent your employees from infecting each other, it is important to take measures for good hand hygiene.

Keep a fever at bay

By scanning everyone for temperature elevation upon entry without delay or discomfort, you can detect people with fever. Fever is the first and most common symptom in coronary patients. More so than with the ordinary flu.

Deploy corona quick tests

Regular corona rapid tests keep covid-19 at bay. The new self-tests are easy to use and provide results within 15 minutes.

Make mouth guards available

One mouth mask is not the same as another. Protect your employees with a medical mask or an ffp2 mouth mask. For hospitality professions you can also choose a comfortable transparent face shield. 

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