Prevention of disease spread

Prevention of disease spread within companies, locations or institutions is currently high on the agenda. Step 1 is to keep germs out of the gate as much as possible by measuring fever and having hands disinfected. Step 2 is to prevent spreading within the building, keep a distance, check for adequate ventilation and make masks available.

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Mini koortsscanner

Keep a fever at bay

By scanning everyone on arrival without delay or inconvenience for an increase in temperature, you can detect people with a fever. Fever is the first and most common occurrence in corona patients. More than with the regular flu.

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Check for adequate ventilation

Sufficient ventilation is a very effective method to prevent the spread of disease, increase labor productivity and prevent the accumulation of harmful particles. By continuously measuring the CO2 content in the air, you know when it is time to bring in more outside air.

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Desinfectiezuil met spray sensor

Let regularly wash hands

Hands are an important spreader of germs, because you are constantly grabbing things, shaking hands with others and because you spend more time on your face than you think. If you want to prevent your employees from infecting each other, it is important to take measures for good hand hygiene.

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Provide health masks

Offer your visitors or employees a health mask in a hygienic and stylish way. The holder can also be hung on the wall or combined with our display with fever scanner and soap dispenser.

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