This CO2 meter tells you whether the room is sufficiently ventilated. Our tabletop CO2 meter not only displays the value, but a three-colour indicator also shows whether the air quality is good, reasonable or poor. The device also measures air temperature and humidity.

Good ventilation is an important measure against the spread of the coronavirus and various other germs. It is also important to ensure that there is a sufficient flow of fresh air in rooms where many people come together. It promotes the ability to concentrate, among other things.

Whether a space is sufficiently ventilated is easy to determine by measuring the CO2 content of the air. People breathe out CO2 and if there is insufficient air exchange in the room, then the CO2 content increases. Combustion processes also release CO2.

Good indicator

The CO2 content in the air is a good indicator of air quality. An excessively high CO2 content in a room means that you need to ventilate more with outside air to maintain a healthy living environment.



Material metal + ABS
Screen colour black
Device colour silver
Display 4.3″ LCD screen, 320 x 240 pixels
Measurements co2, temperature, humidity
Atmospheric pressure 86 ̶ 106 Kpa
Measurement technology CO2 infrared (NDIR)
Measuring range CO2 400 ̶ 5,000 ppm
Temperature measurement technology temperature sensor
Measuring range temperature -10 ̶ +50 °C
Measurement technology humidity humidity sensor
Measuring range relative humidity 20 ̶ 85%
Sample time 1,5 s
Storage temperature -10 ̶ +60 °C
Battery 1 Lithium battery, 2000 mAh (included)
Power source 5V DC charger via micro USB port
Product size 145 x 97.2 x 78 mm
Product weight 225 g
Pack size 150 x 110 x 80 mm
Packing weight 480 g

CO2 meter

CO2 meter for determining the air quality in a room. Easy to read. At 'code red' extra ventilation!

85,00 excluding VAT and shipping costs

Weight 225 g
Dimensions 97 × 78 × 145 mm

Table top

Supplied as standard

including rechargeable battery and charging cord

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