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CO2 meter for determining the air quality in a room. Easy to read. Start ventilating at 'code red'!

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This CO2 meter shows you whether the room is sufficiently ventilated.

Good ventilation is an important measure against the spread of the corona virus and various other germs. In any case, it is important to allow sufficient fresh air to flow into rooms where many people come together. Among other things, it promotes the ability to concentrate

Whether a room is sufficiently ventilated can easily be determined by measuring the CO2 content in the air. People exhale CO2 and if there is insufficient ventilation in the room, the CO2 content will increase. CO2 is also released during combustion processes.

Good indicator

The CO2 content in the air is a good indicator of air quality. Too high a CO2 content in a room means that you have to ventilate more with outside air for a healthy living environment.

Our table-top CO2 meter not only indicates the value, but also shows via a tricolor indicator whether the air quality is good, reasonable or bad. In addition, the device also measures air temperature and humidity.

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Weight 225 g
Dimensions 97 × 78 × 145 mm

Tabletop model

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including rechargeable battery and charging cord