Desinfectiezuil contactloos met spray sensor

The contactless dispenser on this disinfection column drops a few drops of hand cleansing fluid when someone holds his or her hand under it. Our own hand cleansing fluid based on 70% alcohol ensures that any spilt droplets evaporate quickly. The disinfection column includes a display holder for a mini poster.

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Help your employees and visitors with their hand hygiene by installing a number of disinfection columns. This way everyone can easily disinfect their hands upon entering the building, after a sanitary stop and before and after lunch.

The dispenser drops a few drops of hand cleaning fluid when someone holds his or her hand under it. This contactless way ensures extra hygiene. Our proprietary 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer ensures that any spilled liquid evaporates quickly.

Display holder

This disinfection column is the successor to our previous hygiene column that was completely sold out. This time we opted for an even more stylish white design. This disinfection column also includes a display holder for a mini-poster.

Other sizes and shapes are also possible with a minimum order of 10 pieces. Please contact contact our advisors.


product specifications

Weight 6300 g
Dimensions 330 × 290 × 1490 mm

- Refill 70% hands alcohol (spray)
- Power supply with 4 pieces of C-type battery (not included)
- Spraying time 1 second
- Refillable container 1000 ml
- Total height 149 cm
- Weight: 6.3 kg

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