Display with mini scanner and soap dispenser

Our popular mini-scanner on a ready-to-use display printed with a visual provided by you, in your corporate identity and the communication you want. This column also has a dispenser for hand cleansing fluid so that employees and guests can disinfect their hands upon entry.

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Let your employees and visitors easily scan their temperature with the mini scanner on a ready-to-use display with your own printing. This version also has a dispenser for hand cleansing fluid, so that everyone can immediately disinfect their hands before entering.

The Mini Scanner is a user-friendly infrared temperature gauge. Anyone can easily scan their own body temperature by holding their wrist in front of the sensor.

The dispenser drops a few drops of hand cleaning fluid when someone holds his or her hand under it. This contactless way ensures extra hygiene. Our proprietary 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer ensures that any spilled liquid evaporates quickly.

Temperature column with dispenser

With this 'temperature column', the mini-scanner and dispenser including power supply are pre-mounted on a stable display of 60 centimetres wide and 180 centimetres high. The column makes it possible to place the mini-scanner in any desired location and to move it as needed.

Customised print

The display is custom printed with an image provided by you. For example, in your house style and/or extra communication. We can also help you with the design.

Other sizes and shapes are also possible with a minimum order of 10 pieces. Please contact contact our advisors.



product specifications

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 370 × 600 × 1800 mm

Fully customisable from 1 piece onwards
Format 60×180 centimetres
✔ Two-year warranty
Fully laminated
Including mini-scanner and dispenser

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