Scanstation (mobile)

Product information

Heat camera for accurate measurement of body temperature in small to medium-sized groups and collective personnel access.

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With the ability to scan more than 60 people per minute, this infrared camera is ideal for medium to large public movements at hospitals, shopping centers, catering establishments, event locations, conference centers and small trade fair locations.

Our mobile scan station for infrared body temperature measurement is easy to set up with the user-friendly software. The infrared camera has an automatic face detection and alarm function. Do you want to move the scan station? That is also very easy. Move the temperature scanner on the tripod together with the computer (this can be a mini computer, laptop or tablet) and you can immediately continue to keep your location virus-free.

Pluses and minuses with other fever detection systems

✔ Scans 60 people per minute
✔ The scanning accuracy is 0.5 ° Celsius
✔ Measure audiences from 15 to 200 centimeters
✔ Allow audiences to be measured undisturbed without additional actions.
✔ Easy to set up and move.
☐ Is less accurate than other infrared temperature scanners

When detecting fever by the mobile scanning station, we recommend that you measure your guest with the Super global scan pistol for the most accurate result.


Additional information

Provided as standard

✔ InfiSense Infrared temperature scan camera
✔ 1 tripod to mount the camera
✔ Computer
✔ Analysis software
✔ Adapters, power cables and connection cables


✔ Autofocus
✔ Audio alarm