Metal detector gate with fever detection sensor

Metal detector gate with infrared temperature sensor. For accurate measurement of body temperature and checking for the presence of metal objects.

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This metal detector gate with infrared temperature sensor combines two very important controls. Scan your visitors for their body temperature within 0.5 seconds and also make sure that they do not bring any metal objects inside.

Very suitable for use in hospitals, schools, concerts, clubs and other catering establishments.

This 2-in-1 fever scanner and metal detector is plug-and-play after assembly.

Pluses and minuses compared to other fever detection systems

✔ Checks for fever and metal objects
✔ Saves space as the scan portal takes on multiple tasks
Less accurate than other infrared scanners
Is difficult to move

Extra follow-up check

We recommend that the metal detector gate be accompanied by a Super global scanpistol to be purchased for extra follow-up checks on guests whose body temperature has risen too high.







product specifications

Weight 70000 g
Dimensions 605 × 810 × 2210 mm

Scans within 0.5 second
✔ The scanning accuracy is 0.5 °Celsius
Measure guests from 1 to 50 centimetres

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