Mini-scanner lichaamstemperatuur infrarood sensor


Let your employees and visitors measure their body temperature easily and quickly with the mini scanner. Suitable for use at smaller events, business premises, cinemas, restaurants, shops and conferences.

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Let your visitors take their own temperature in a simple and fast way. The mini scanner ensures that your visitors or staff can safely enter the site after they have scanned themselves to make sure they do not have a fever. The scanner can be used on the wrist or the forehead.

Material metal
Device colour silver
Temperature display Display of measured temperature
Normal indicator Green light is shown when the body temperature is between 35 ̶ 37.5 °C
Fever indicator red light is shown if the body temperature is not between 35 ̶ 37.5 °C
Distance sensor starts measurement when a person or object comes within 20 cm of the sensor
Infrared sensor scans body temperature when wrist or forehead is within measuring distance of the sensor
Temperature measurement speed 1 s
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0,3 °C
Measuring distance temperature 1 - 20 cm
Operating temperature -10 ̶ +40 °C
Working air humidity 95%, non-condensing
Power connection AC 100 ̶ 240V, 50/60 Hz
Voltage scanner 12 V
Power consumption < 8 W
Product size 160 x 110 x 31 mm
Product weight 600 g

If a fever is detected with the mini scanner, we recommend that the person in question be measured with the Super global scanpistol for the most accurate result.

product specifications

Weight 590 g
Dimensions 33 × 113 × 164 mm
Supplied as standard

Mini scanner
✔ Wall mounting (screws, plugs and bracket)


Visual and audio alarm
False alarm detection

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