Scanportal (mobile)

Heat camera for accurate measurement of the body temperature of large groups of people at, for example, event locations, conference centres, trade fair locations, shopping centres, stadiums and transport hubs.

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With the ability to scan more than 100 people per minute, this infrared camera is ideally suited to large crowd sizes at event venues, convention centres, trade fair locations, shopping malls, stadiums and transportation hubs, among others. Together with the blackbody, you can measure up to 0.3 °Celsius accurately. The Scanportal (mobile) is supplied complete with computer and peripherals and works perfectly together. The software is also preinstalled and comes with a clear manual, so you can get started right away.

Pluses and minuses compared to other fever detection systems

✔ Scans more than 100 people per minute
✔ The scanning accuracy is 0.3 °Celsius
Measure audience from 15 to 200 centimetres
✔ Allow the public to be measured without additional actions.
Because the InfiRay mobile scan portal comes with the blackbody, it takes up a little more space to set up than other systems.

We recommend that when fever is detected with the InfiRay mobile scan portal, your guest should be measured with the Super global scanpistol for the most accurate result.



product specifications

Supplied as standard

InfiRay Infrared temperature scan camera
2 tripods
Analysis software
Adapters, power cables and connection cables


Patented analysis tools

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