Bestron AMA45Z standing fan

The Bestron AMA45Z stand fan has a basket diameter of 45 centimetres. The fan is equipped with powerful aerodynamic fan blades. The stand is height-adjustable, so the height can vary between 102 and 122 cm. The basket is only vertically adjustable, and has a 75° swivel function. The fan has three different speeds.

Recommended retail price 39,99 excl.

32,99 ex. BTW

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Height adjustable from 102 to 122 cm 

The Bestron AMA45Z works analogue and mechanically. Therefore, there is no LCD or LED display that lights up. This makes the fan perfect for use in a bedroom because you don't have to worry about a bright light keeping you awake. 

The Bestron AMA45Z has a total of 3 different speeds that you can set. Most people often use a fan at speed 2 (average speed). The preference is for more speed options rather than a higher speed. The highest setting of the fan has a noise level of 64.7dB.


  • Height adjustable from 102 to 122 cm 
  • Oscillation of 70° (cools a larger area) 
  • Large diameter of 45 cm 
  • With a noise level of 65 dB, this is not the quietest of fans. 

product specifications


45 watts


45 cm


Height adjustable from 102 to 122 cm

Noise level

65 dB



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