Table fan Bestron DDF35Z

The Bestron DDF35Z table fan has a basket diameter of approximately 35 cm. It is equipped with a high-quality copper-wound motor, which makes the table fan robust and stable. The DDF35Z has a swivel function of 75 degrees. In total, it has 3 different speeds.

Recommended retail price 36.99 excl.

29,99 ex. BTW

Delivery within 2 working days
Vertically adjustable basket
No less than 3 speeds: Low - Medium - High
Equipped with a high-quality copper-wound motor, thus robust and stable
Has a 75° swivel function

This Bestron table fan makes sure that you can get through the warm days with a nice breeze. Place the fan on the table or on your desk. The fan basket is vertically adjustable. With three speeds, you can adjust the air flow to your liking. The powerful fan blades are aerodynamic and, with an 80-degree swivel function, the air flow reaches a large area. The fan is equipped with a high-quality copper wound motor and a speed switch with three speeds. 

product specifications


45 watts


35 cm


Vertically adjustable basket

Number of positions




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