Accuracy: 0,3 °Celsius
Capacity (flux): 40 persons / minute
Scanning speed: 0.5 second
Measuring distance: 15 - 100 centimetres
Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Thermal imager

Thermal imager mobile body temperature scanner is suitable for handheld operation as well as stationary on a standard tripod. Continuous and accurate temperature measurement of passing persons, whereby the temperature is visually shown on the display. Signals when someone with fever symptoms is among the passers-by. Rechargeable and therefore ideal for locations where no power supply is available.

1.000,00 excluding VAT and shipping costs


Automatic high and low temperature scan
✔ Audio alarm
✔ Rechargeable (charging time less than 5 hours)
✔ 6 hours of battery operation
Temperature compensation
✔ Flashlight function

Supplied as standard

Jetion Thermal Imager scanner
USB cable
16 GB Micro SD card
✔ Li-ion battery

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