corona quick test

Cotton buds

New: the 4-in-1 corona self-test

The 4-in-1 corona self-test is the most universal rapid test on the market. This self-test can be used as a lollipop test, shallow nose test, nasal mucus test and throat mucus test. This new antigen rapid test also obtained high sensitivity scores in a test by the Paul Erlich Institut.

Corona quick test

German employers obliged to offer coronatesto workers

As of 19 April, employers in Germany are obliged to offer their employees who do not work at home a coronation test. Two thirds of companies in Germany already offer their employees a free coronation test, and 69 percent of companies are now or will soon be offering a regular test.

Roll or spit? Two friendly corona self-tests

Roll or spit?

Het tijdperk van de lange wattenstaaf die diep de neus ingestoken moet worden is voorbij. De nieuwe, betrouwbare corona zelftests kennen dit probleem niet.

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