Why body temperature scan portals?

As a location owner you are responsible for the safety of your guests. You want to avoid health risks, whether enforced by regulations or not. By scanning your guests for raised body temperature without delay or inconvenience, you can detect people with a fever.

That’s why you check the temperature of your visitors

To ensure the safety of your visitors 

To avoid stricter / impractical measures 

To guarantee a smooth passage of your guests 

As simple as that

Our easy to install and portable scan stations determine the temperature of each visitor based on an infrared body scan. 

If the body temperature is too high, you can invite the visitor in question for an extra accurate scan with a handheld scanner. 

If the hand scanner also measures too high a temperature, kindly request the visitor to return home for nursing his or hers illnesses. 

Advice for responsible application

It is recommended to observe the following when using the scan portal (subject to any changes or the introduction of new legislation):
Inform visitors explicitly about the use and purpose of the scan portal as part of the access control. This could include, for example, a clear information board at the entrance to your grounds and buildings, mention in your general visitor conditions, mention on the website of your organization and mention in any mail traffic with visitors / customers. 

Use of the scan portals must be careful and proportional. The infrared body temperature scans may only be used for the indicated purpose: be clear, transparent and consistent in this. 

Measurements must be made anonymously and data may not be processed.

Use of the scan portals must not lead to unequal treatment or discrimination.
For additional information about privacy legislation, please visit the EU website on Data Protection and up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines from the relevant authorities in your country or region. 

Handheld temperature scanners

Our handheld temperature scanners are an important part of your guests' fever check. If a visitor has been designated by the scan portal as someone with too high a temperature, you can take the visitor aside and check it again with our hand scanner. With this second, extra precise control, you reassure the visitor and you have an additional substantiation of your denial of access.

Where to use ?

Exhibition locations
Movie theaters
Hardware stores
Congress centers
Event locations
Festival areas
Catering establishments

Watch over the health of your guests.

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